Artichokes: People eat artichokes before a meal because the belief is whatever follows will taste sweet. A tart crisp wine will lend balance to the taste of your dinner.                                                            Barbecues: While most people feel wine doesn't go well with a barbecue the old saying red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat is the rule. However you should choose a berry flavored or fruity wine for your best after taste.                                                                Beef: The choice is again red wine however a dry wine lends more to the taste. Look for a Merlot or Bordeaux.                                                              Cheeses: Sharp cheese and  Cheddars deserve a dry wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.                                                                           Swiss Cheese: Pinot Noir.                                                  Ripe Creamy Cheeses:       For something different try Champagne however tradition would be a Buttery Chardonnay.                                               Chicken:                                 Tradition might say Chicken only goes well with white wine but that is not the case. Depending on the way the meal is prepared. Chicken Cacciatore or tomato flavored Chicken can be served with a dry red wine. Roasted Chicken is complimented very well with Burgundy or fruity Zinfandel as well as White Wine.
Menu Guide
Chinese Food: Because  of the many different types of meat in one dish there are few options, however, Riesling would be the logical choice.                                                        Chocolate: Ah, everybody likes chocolate with a sweet red wine.                                                                               Duck: Pinot Noir calm's the taste with Duck. However a slightly sweet white wine like a good Riesling is also okay.                                                      Ham: A light semi sweet wine is best when Ham is on the menu.                                                                         Lobster: A big Chardonnay is a nice touch with this delicate sweet meat.                                                                     Liver & Onions:  Any Burgundy Wine is great with Liver & Onions.                                                              Pasta: Traditional red with red and white with white sauce is the rule. However with Pasta its simply a matter of personal preference. No matter what you do its still pasta and you will be hungry 2 hours later.                                                        Pizza: A fruity red wine would be the most favorable.                                                              Pork: Chardonnay's generally go well with Pork of most any type.                                                                            Turkey: Zinfandel if you want a red wine and Riesling if you prefer a white wine.
     THE BIRTH OF WINE    The earliest known production of wine dates back to 8000 BC in Georgia. Although we consume wine for pleasure in ancient times wine was often a supplement when water was not safe to drink.
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